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Glass Restoration

Western Glass Restoration and Tinting is based in Orange County, CA, providing a glass restoration and mobile repair service that has been saving customers hundreds and thousands of dollars over the years. We restore the glass that has been affected by acid-etched or scratched graffiti on storefront windows. Graffiti on glass has become a major problem over the years and Western Glass Restoration and Tinting is here to help save your GLASS!

We have developed a removal process to remove the graffiti and scratches from your glass, windows and stainless steel without having to replace the glass. Our repair and graffiti removal process will save you more than half of what you would pay for a replacement.

We have also perfected stone repair and stainless steel restoration, so as a business owner you won’t have to fork out a bunch of money on replacements. Not only are we proficient in building restoration, but we can also do all of your necessary commercial window tinting. If you are a business or property owner our window tinting service will be sure to tint your windows with just the right amount of darkness, so that your employees won’t have to worry about any unwanted sun glare.

Our removal process is performed on site and is considered a green service. Our repair system first starts with sanding out the etching with 3 to 4 different special types of restoration pads in the removal process. After the etching is completely removed we bring the glass back to new condition with a final polish. We have two main goals with our repair process. Bring the glass back to new condition and to save you money vs. replacement. Many glass companies will tell you that the repair process can’t be done, well with Western Glass Restoration and Tinting it most definitely can be!


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